16 May

Driven Music Conference

   6:00 pm
   Tickets Available
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    What is the Driven Music Conference?

    A music conference in its 4th year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that is a direct-connect to music industry professionals. It includesdiscussions, Q&A, meet & greets and feedback from music professionals, putting you in a great position for the chance at career advancement.

     Is the Driven Music Conference for me?

    Yes, its for absoutely anyone interested in music, including artists seeking the chance at career advancement and to showcase for industry professionals, fans of live music, music business students, those interested in working in the music industry and those already active in the industry looking to make new contacts.

    Why should I attend?

    Hear from and meet a panel of music industry professionals. Engage yourself in discussions and Q&A with Featured Panelists led by your questions. Meet those right now who may be in the position to advance your career in music. As a fan, see the best of emerging artists showcase their live performances. Connect. Network. Learn. Advance.

    I’m an artist. How do I perform for music professionals?

    You have several options to both showcase for, and meet one-on-one with, Featured Panelists. All options are included in the Artist Plus Value Pass. Each option is also available individually.

    I’m not an artist. Can I attend?

    Of course! Anyone can attend. Although individual options are also available, consider a Mega Value Pass.

    I represent a business. What are my promotion options?

    You have several promotion options, including a vendor booth, program guide ad, sponsorship and more. We’re ready to leverage the conference promotion to 1 million+, on-site crowd and our association with the most recognizable music brands to bring you the absolute best results. Contact us to discuss your options.

    My question is not answered here. How can I contact you?

    Chat live, connect with us by phone or send us a message. Contact us any time. We’re here to help!


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