Danzig Charmed and Reprimanded at Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, October 8


By David Von Bader Wed., Oct. 9 2013

Better than: Anything Jerry Only or John Christ have done in years.

It’s nearly impossible to read anything regarding Glenn Danzig these days that isn’t either a mockery of the man’s entirely polarizing personality or bits of cynical repartee. Truth be told, Danzig welcomes the attention with his complete inability to take anything in stride and has possibly done more to inadvertently mock himself in recent years than any journalistic assault or comic strip could.

However, Danzig is still Danzig: The man was a driving creative force in the Misfits (some would argue the driving creative force) and responsible for a string of albums that are now considered to be masterworks of heavy metal. His musical legacy is thus impervious to any transgressions regarding kitty litter, lawn bricks, or unfortunate backstage incidents.

Last night, Danzig kicked off another leg of the Danzig Legacy 25th Anniversary Tour at Fort Lauderdale’s Revolution Live. The venue, which always looked to us like Danzig may have designed it himself, was packed with excited fans seeking a moment in time with the man and his now-classic songs.

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