Beyond Pleasured presents Glo-Asis

Beyond Pleasured is an adult toy company that promotes the adult toys and novelties through healthy adult fun. Beyond Pleasured caters to all men and women; the young and the mature at heart. Through Beyond Pleasured an adult is able to fulfill all of their most intimate fantasies. We are here to cater to our customers with discreteness and respect.

Revolution FTL a glowing fantasy island is a great place to launch our campaign Glow-Asis. As our guests arrive they will have the illusion of walking into a path of glowing water. Once the guests reach the interior of the event; they will be intrigued with a black light background and a glowing décor complete with glowing hanging fabrics from the ceiling. The floor, bar, stage, DJ booth and walls will glow to give a great setting.

There will be illuminating visions for the guests as they maneuver throughout the venue. The lights will dance with the music; light smoke will slightly move around the floor. There will be glowing bubbles being blown and demonstrations of different types of foreplay strategically displayed around the room. The guest will have the opportunity to purchase glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow teeth, and toys in a designated area.

VIP will be Fantasy Island; the décor will match the main floor with the exception of pole placements.  The guest will be served a sparkled bottled service with sparkles and glowing trays brought to them by three women or men depending on the preference of the guest. All staff in this area will be topless wearing Beyond Pleasured attire glowing eyes and glow paint.