Marcus King Band
29 Oct

The Marcus Kind Band with special guest Bobby Lee Rdogers

   7:00 pm
   $16.50 / $18
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  • The Marcus Kind Band with special guest Bobby Lee Rdogers

    Songwriter. Guitarist. Singer. Bandleader. At only 20 years of age, Marcus King’s dazzling musical

    ability is evident throughout The Marcus King Band. Operating within the fiery brand of American

    roots music that King calls "soul-influenced psychedelic southern rock," it highlights King’s gorgeous,

    rough-hewn vocals, soaring guitar work and heartfelt songwriting all amidst a group of masterful

    musicians who, together, are quickly becoming one of the country’s most sought after live acts. Raised in

    Greenville, South Carolina, King was brought up on the blues, playing shows as a pre-teen sideman with

    his father. Going beyond the sonic textures of his acclaimed 2015 debut; The Marcus King Band

    broadens his sound, touching upon everything from funky R&B to Southern soul and Americana in the

    process. His band gets in on the action too, stacking the songs with blasts of swampy brass, a lock-step

    rhythm section and swirling organ. Ever the multi-tasker, King bounces between several instruments,

    handling electric and acoustic guitar — as well as pedal and lap steel — while driving each track home

    with his soulful, incendiary voice.

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