Beyond Pleasured presents Glo-Asis

Beyond Pleasured is an adult toy company that promotes the adult toys and novelties through healthy adult fun. Beyond Pleasured caters to all men and women; the young and the mature at heart. Through Beyond Pleasured an adult is able to fulfill all of their most intimate fantasies. We are here to cater to our customers with discreteness and respect.

Revolution FTL a glowing fantasy island is a great place to launch our campaign Glow-Asis. As our guests arrive they will have the illusion of walking into a path of glowing water. Once the guests reach the interior of the event; they will be intrigued with a black light background and a glowing décor complete with glowing hanging fabrics from the ceiling. The floor, bar, stage, DJ booth and walls will glow to give a great setting.

There will be illuminating visions for the guests as they maneuver throughout the venue. The lights will dance with the music; light smoke will slightly move around the floor. There will be glowing bubbles being blown and demonstrations of different types of foreplay strategically displayed around the room. The guest will have the opportunity to purchase glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow teeth, and toys in a designated area.

VIP will be Fantasy Island; the décor will match the main floor with the exception of pole placements.  The guest will be served a sparkled bottled service with sparkles and glowing trays brought to them by three women or men depending on the preference of the guest. All staff in this area will be topless wearing Beyond Pleasured attire glowing eyes and glow paint.

Tim Burton Halloween Spectacular

Happy Halloween……

Join us on the darkest of all nights as we take you on a tour through the disturbed and magical world of TIM BURTON. The dark circus that is about to ensue will haunt you forever……………….

There’s something just not right about the works of Tim Burton….which is why we love him so much.

* Amazing burlesque & performances
from Miami & Ftl
* Astari Nite
* DJ LinderSMASH
* DJ Kaos
* DJ DeadHead
* Sweeney Todd Selfie Booth {meat
grinder, guts & all}

::Special Performances By::
* Edward Scissorhands
* Frankenweenie
* Peewee
* The deets’s beetleguice
* The Mad Hatter
* More TBA

$10 / 21+ :: $15 / Under 21

Dress Code: Cosplay Attire Suggested! Chic and fashionable. It’s Halloween Dress Up!!!

18+ w/ valid ID

Bunji Garlin SOCA Paradise

Born in Sangre Grande and raised in the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima, Trinidad, Ian Anthony Alvarez better known as Bunji Garlin, is a Trinidadian artist and international  royalty. He is affectionately known as “de girls dem darlin” (although now married to Faye-Ann Lyons, a fellow performer) and also “fireman” for his famous chant of “Fire!” during his performances. Garlin says he got his stage name from the bungee cord, which is flexible and Garlin is a type of gun with powerful shots. In his own words: “…no matter what they send at me, I will always bounce back.”

Both a composer and performer of soca and ragga soca, Garlin is a prolific lyricist who calls himself the Lyrics King, a title very few would dispute. Ragga is a blend of soca with music, a genre he adopted and made his own during his first years on the music scene. He also sings songs that blend soca with other genres such as , R&B and .

As the leader of his band the Godfather’s Asylum, Garlin mentors and provides a nurturing environment for soca artists who are talented but have not found a way to break into the business.

Garlin was educated at Arima Senior Comprehensive School, where he demonstrated his unique chanting skills whenever he had the opportunity. His debut in the music industry in 1998 came after Garlin made a name for himself performing at small venues and local events. He is the undisputed king of  soca, having won the “Ragga Soca Monarch” competition in both 2000 and 2001, the two years in which the competition was staged. Garlin won the Young King title in 2001, and captured the coveted title of International Soca Monarch in 2002, then reclaimed this title for three more years.

Bunji Garlin performs both in his home country and abroad, where he spends the major part of the year after Carnival season ends in Trinidad. His performance reviews are usually glowing, as crowds always respond well to his high-energy performances, as well as his lyrical confidence and eloquence evidenced in his amazing ability to perform freestyle lyrics with an ease which most performers could only aspire to.

Brass Knuckles

“We don’t look at ourselves like a DJ group,” declares Danny D’Brito of Brass Knuckles. “We look at this as a band.”

Truthfully, the Miami trio—D’Brito, Tony Livadas, and Anthony Pisano—is unlike any other outfit in electronic dance music right now. Fusing together elements of traditional house, electro, pop, nu disco, and even a little rock, they come out of the gate swinging with irresistible vocal hooks, staggering drops, and live instrumentation. Once Brass Knuckles hits, you’ll feel it.

After years of playing in bands together and collaborating on a myriad of musical projects, D’Brito and Livadas hooked up with Pisano in 2009. Instantly bonding, the three musicians decided to start laying down original material in addition to doing a bevy of remixes including Michael Jackson’s celebrated “Get On The Floor”. They turned heads across the blog-o-sphere and in clubs worldwide when they dropped “Lie to You” in 2011 though. Highly successful global touring followed with a full jaunt through Asia and Europe including a Croatia gig in front of 10,000 people supporting genre legend Fatboy Slim. However, their debut EP for Ultra Music immensely ups the ante across the board.

First single, “Bad Habits”, careens from propulsive handclaps and bombastic guitar into an instantly unforgettable refrain from singer John Ryan about something we all share in common.

“Absolutely everybody out there has bad habits,” smiles Pisano. “That’s why people can relate to the track almost immediately. It catches their ear, and that’s what we hope every song does.”

Further separating themselves from the pack, live piano drives the soulful and sexy “Alive”, while a tribal stomp fuels the torrential energy of “Hurricane”. Pisano goes on, “We did a show in Missouri in front 5,000 people. The next day, Danny and I were on the plane and we wanted to come up with a concept that would work for a large audience. We got the idea for ‘Hurricane’ on the plane.

Livadas explains, “We’re three different people, and we bring more of a party and a bigger energy than just one DJ might. We like to incorporate as many of our influences as possible. There aren’t any boundaries to what we do. A good song is a good song.”
In some ways, their impact remains encapsulated in their very moniker. One day, Pisano was wearing a shirt with Brass Knuckles on it, and the image just clicked for D’Brito. “I’m thrilled Anthony wore that shirt on that particular day,” he laughs. “The name represents us so well. The music is often tough and in-your-face. It makes an impression.”
That impression will stick with listeners for a long time to come to, whether they hear the band live or on tape. D’Brito concludes, “We want people to relate to our music, understand it, love it, and be able to party to it. We want them to feel good. Hopefully, they can escape from reality and get lost in it.”