Stache Presents: The Ritz Glitz Revue

The Ritz Glitz Revue is back with Dark Desires. Come watch these beautiful women shimmy, shake & strip their was to your hearts. This show sell out so get your tickets early. Tickets can be purchased at the Revolution Live Box Office, Ticketmaster and Stache Door on the day of.  21  & Over Event

Hits 97.3 Hits Sessions: Steve Aoki

The ONLY Way IN Is To WIN!!! 18+ Event with Valid ID

The New HITS 97.3 presents HITS Sessions Starring Steve Aoki at Revolution Live in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Friday October 14th! Doors open at 7:30pm!
For ONE NIGHT ONLY – HITS Sessions is getting CAKED as Steve Aoki takes you inside HIS WORLD at this exclusive upclose and personal HITS Sessions event!

The ONLY Way IN Is To WIN!!!

Fool’s Gold & Poplife Present: Fool’s Gold Day Off

Attendee safety is of paramount concern and due to recent hazards in Wynwood, we’ve opted to switch venues. If you’ve already purchased tickets, don’t worry they will be honored. Please note, the event has been bumped from all ages to 16+.

Joey Bada$$, A-Trak, Hudson Mohawke, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, Ape Drums, Nick Catchdubs, River Tiber, Bosco & Speakerfoxxx, Damaged Goods

The DAY OFF FLORIDA lineup is here and it’s innnnnnnsane! Our 2016 throwdown on Saturday, 9/17 is a 16+ event for the history books. Fool’s Gold’s BK neighbor and Pro Era general Joey Bada$$ headlines alongside A-Trak & Friends (will he top last year’s surprises of 2Chainz and Juvenile?) and Hudson Mohawke, fresh off supercharging Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo and Boys Noize’s latest LP. Young ATL heroes Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty set fire to the rap rulebook, FG sparkplugs Ape Drums and BOSCO & Speakerfoxxx provide tropical vibes, and turntable vets Nick Catchdubs and Damaged Goods keep the party going all day long.

Hawthorne Heights with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Punky emo pop quintet Hawthorne Heights came to life in the summer of 2001.  They built their fan base on a demo recording and a series of self-booked national tours. 2004 marked the release of their powerful full-length debut, The Silence in Black and White. While the bandmates relentlessly toured behind it, the album became their label’s highest-selling debut, and its lead single, “Ohio Is for Lovers,” invaded rock radio. Hawthorne Heights’ second album, If Only You Were Lonely, arrived in 2006 along with a DVD titled This Is Who We Are. Lonely debuted at number three on the charts and continued to sell well, eventually going gold.  Hawthorne Heights issued a third album, Fragile Future, in August 2008 and in 2010 issued Skeletons, their fourth album. Also in 2010 the band formed their own label, Cardboard Empire. Along with touring, they began work on a series of EPs beginning with Hate in the summer of 2011, then Hope in late 2012. The following year the band showed their ambitions with Zero, a post-hardcore concept album about a group of rebels in a dystopian, near-future America.

One of the few screamo bands to land a Top 40 pop hit, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus formed in 2003 in Middleburg, Florida. After writing and rehearsing for 18 months, the bandmembers were urged by several friends to pursue their music seriously. In 2005, the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus began crafting their full-length debut. The resulting Don’t You Fake It appeared in July 2006 and was certified gold by the year’s end, propelled by the success of the Top 40 single “Face Down” and the band’s stint on the summer-long Warped Tour. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus play melodic hard rock that makes room for punk and power-pop influences. Frontman Ronnie Winter’s emotional vocals get the band classified as emo by some, but their brand of earnest, angsty rock is more closely aligned to that of groups like Hoobastank or Linkin Park.

Portugal. The Man, With Crystal Fighters – Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale – October 9



By Michael E. Miller Thu., Oct. 10 2013 at 9:00 AM

Portugal. The Man, with Crystal Fighters
Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale
October 9, 2013

Better than: Taking acid and watching Yellow Submarine.

If your idea of a wicked Wednesday night is tripping balls to some psychedelic indie rock, then chances are good that you were among the sweaty, sore-throated masses at Revolution Live last night. Concertgoers were treated to back-to-back sessions of soaring guitars and trippy visuals thanks to Portugal. The Man and Crystal Fighters.

It was pop at its most unapologetic. Both bands skipped from one crowd-pleaser to the next with only the briefest detours into darker material. And both delivered strong sets that left fans satiated.

Crystal Fighters started the evening on a psychedelic note. Gilbert Vierich (electronics, guitars), Graham Dickson (guitar), and Andrea Marongiu (drums) launched into the synthy “Solar System” with no sign of lead singers Sebastian Pringle and Eleanor Fletcher.

Pringle and Fletcher sprung onto the stage in style a minute later. Both singers wore bizarre, sparkly outfits, but it was Pringle whose getup was the most absurd. He wore huge sunglasses, a rainbow sequined jacket and top, a black skirt, and enough bling to make Mr. T blush. His long hair was pulled into a knot, wrapped in a headband, and draped with a bedazzled scarf.

Thankfully, the Spanish band had the songs to back up its style. Pringle and Fletcher led the audience from one folktronic hit to another; “LA Calling” and “At Home” were crowd favorites. As Pringle pranced on stage and Basque flags waived in the audience, Vierich and Dickson took turns pounding on a giant wooden percussion instrument called a txalaparta.

It was a hard act to follow, but Portugal. The Man didn’t disappoint. Lead singer and guitarist John Baldwin Gourle took the stage in a suit jacket, buttoned-up dress shirt, and slim gold chain. The combination made him look like a cross between a college T.A. and a preacher’s son.Crystal Fighters provided the perfect opening mix of dreamy alt-rock and up-tempo pop. The band borrowed two members from Portugal for its finale: a barnstormer that ended with bare-chested guitarist Dickson climbing onto a table. The result was a screaming Spanish fangasm of spectacular proportions.

His music was anything but uptight. Gourle sang baby-making rock ballads with devilish lyrics like these from “Modern Jesus”:
Don’t pray for us/We don’t need no modern Jesus/To roll with us/The only rule we need is never/Giving up/The only faith we have is faith in us.

The progression from one song to the next was nearly flawless as Portugal opened with the ode to ecstasy “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” only to then come back to it at the end of the set. The only problem was technical trouble Gourle seemed to having with his pedal board early on. “Fucking technology,” he griped.

The Alaskan band with a European name was aided by a giant four-peaked projection screen. For most of the set, the screen was splashed in psychedelic patterns. But during some songs, the screen transformed into a canvas for strange anatomical animations: brains with mouths, blinking eyeballs, demon hands with pink claws, and what looked like a pair of green, throbbing testicles.

Somehow it all worked. Portugal. The Man progressed through its excellent new Danger Mouse-produced album, Evil Friends, while tossing in the occasional oldies like “So American” and “Got It All.”

Portugal played for a solid two hours, but, in all honesty, the set could have been shorter. The band lost the crowd a little during a mazy, 20-minute encore capped by a kitschy cover of “Hey Jude.” But the initial set had been so seamless and soaring that not even a stumble at the finish could mar an otherwise kickass Wednesday night.


Review: Portugal. The Man at Revolution 10/9


OCTOBER 11TH, 2013 – 

If ever there was a night in all of 2013 to see some good live music, it would be October 9th. Three fantastic bands decided to voyage down to the ol’ South Florida, including Portugal. The Man, whose eighth album Evil Friends has permeated the airwaves and blogosphere with it’s increasingly radio-friendly sound. This angle of creating accessible yet quality pop music was evident at the show, as the crowd flooded Revolution Live!’s every corner. Composed mostly of eager teens and twenty-something year olds, I feared the show would just turn into a spectacle to be recorded on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, etc etc. Thankfully though, the audience shook off my expectations and found themselves really living the show, for the most part.

First up were Crystal Fighters, and I’m not going to lie, when they arrived I was so ready to hate them. The guitarist ran up, already topless, basking in the cries of sexually frustrated front rowers. Holding them firmly in place, I really had to try hard not roll my eyes. Then the two lead singers, Sebastian Pringle and Eleanor Fletcher pranced in with glittered and bedazzled cloaks over their faces. Did I mention I really wanted to hate them? But the truth is, putting away any pretentious judgements I may have had, they did put on a really fun show. A good portion of the crowd seemed to be pretty hardcore fans of both Portugal. The Man and their openers, so the venue really came alive to their tunes. And why not? Though they’re not the next voices of our generation, or are not making any real musical landmarks, they had a vibrant onstage presence and played danceable tracks well suited to the audience’s demographic-on the outskirts of indie, with toes dipping more into the mainstream. With their easy to remember choruses and melodies pleasant to the ear, it wasn’t hard to jam out with the Brit rockers. Set standouts included “At Home” and their club dance-y “I Love London”, which found Portugal. The Man’s Zach Carothers on percussion.

When the headliners finally took to stage at around 10:30pm, the audience went downright crazy. Prior to this show, I could never really imagine how music fans lose their heads for a band like Portugal. The Man. It’s not that they’re a bad band or anything- in fact I don’t have anything against them, and upon interviewing Carothers, found him to be a swell dude. But they’re not a band that scream “die hard following” like Radiohead, or more pointedly older bands with cult like devotion, such as Fugazi or Elliott Smith. I couldn’t ever wrap my head around the fact that they could be someone’s favorite band, even though I know a few people who think of them that way. I now know why.

The thing with Portugal. The Man, is that they are undoubtedly consistent, never deviating from their goal of making music that appeals to a progressively broader and broader audience. They are aware of this. They aren’t blindly “slipping” into the mainstream, they are consciously making it a goal- and if their Fort Lauderdale show proved anything, it is that it’s working. Throughout their lengthy set, kicking off with “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” fans danced and shouted along to nearly all of their lyrics. The band threw in some covers, spawning from mid-set jam sessions, including “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd and “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. The audience knew these songs, and could easily sing along. The band is smart. A lesser known cover, their rendition of “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James, which I actually praised in our interview having heard it on their soundcloud, proved that the band is quite malleable in their approach to music. All in all, Portugal. The Man is doing exactly what they set out to, one show at a time.

Crystal Fighters and Portugal The Man Take Over Revolution Live



Posted: 10/11/2013 12:00 pm EDT  |  Updated: 10/11/2013 12:00 pm EDT

Crystal Fighters opened up for Portugal. The Man at Revolution Live Wednesday night, bringing the crowd to their feet with their upbeat songs! They played fan favorites “Swallow,” “Champion Sound,” “You & I,” “Follow,” and “Plage” to name a few. Towards the end of their set, Portugal bassist Zachary Carothers came on stage to jam with them on the bongos. Portugal’s set lasted about two hours, and had everyone mesmerized by their music and the cool graphics projecting behind them. They played their own music as well as a few covers by Pink Floyd. The crowd cheered for an encore for about five minutes before the band came back onstage along with Crystal Fighters’ Graham Dickson for another three songs. After the venue cleared, all that was left were a few groupies waiting along the stage for guitar picks. The light show was amazing! — Marisa Matluck

Danzig Charmed and Reprimanded at Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, October 8


By David Von Bader Wed., Oct. 9 2013

Better than: Anything Jerry Only or John Christ have done in years.

It’s nearly impossible to read anything regarding Glenn Danzig these days that isn’t either a mockery of the man’s entirely polarizing personality or bits of cynical repartee. Truth be told, Danzig welcomes the attention with his complete inability to take anything in stride and has possibly done more to inadvertently mock himself in recent years than any journalistic assault or comic strip could.

However, Danzig is still Danzig: The man was a driving creative force in the Misfits (some would argue the driving creative force) and responsible for a string of albums that are now considered to be masterworks of heavy metal. His musical legacy is thus impervious to any transgressions regarding kitty litter, lawn bricks, or unfortunate backstage incidents.

Last night, Danzig kicked off another leg of the Danzig Legacy 25th Anniversary Tour at Fort Lauderdale’s Revolution Live. The venue, which always looked to us like Danzig may have designed it himself, was packed with excited fans seeking a moment in time with the man and his now-classic songs.

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