Danzig with Doyle, Butcher Babies, Texas Hippie Coalition, A Pale Horse Named Death

Glenn Danzig is a name that permeates, infects, and ultimately makes strong, the very soul of hard rock in the ’90s. Through the legendary punk charge of his pre-Danzig outfits Misfits and Samhain, Danzig formed the backbone of today’s mosh movement. Delve into the deep waves of the Danzig catalogue, and you’ve got a band that has created high-tension hybrids that are still being pondered and quietly adopted throughout today’s metal community. Over eight million records sold, and Danzig is about to unleash a multi-media onslaught that will once again find disciples studying the master. It is a sinister time in the tired life of one world ending, and it unmistakably a time for the destructive and redemptive powers of the next century’s man in black.  Heed the warning of Danzig!   It is Danzig’s soul crusher of a calling card, his coal-fired ebony heart, the siren song soundtrack of 25 years making metal scream. Confront it now and feel your lifeblood drain and subsequently replenish truer than ever.  Catch their 25th Anniversary tour Live at Revolution!