MMA at Revolution Live

The very first Combat Night was held on January 21, 2012, in Tallahassee Florida. The event was held at The Moon, where both Mitchell Chamale and Josh Samman had fought professionally in the exact same venue years ago. Mitchell and Josh’s careers continued to progress since the days of fighting in Tallahassee, eventually to a point of being able to give back the same opportunities to a younger generation of athletes.
Since that day on January 21st, Combat night has hosted over 70 events, home to over 700 fights, and hundreds of athletes from all walks of life. From doctors and nurses, to lawyers and soldiers, real estate agents, college students, friends of ours, town bartenders, or sometimes troubled youths in need of something to focus their energy on. We have seen it all and one thing remains a constant; it is a positive experience in these folks’ lives.
All of us at Combat Night believe in giving back. Every event has a charity that we spotlight and our guests are able to donate to that charity during the event!

If you have any further questions about the event or would like to learn more about Combat Night, check out our Facebook page,

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