Nonpoint with Gemini Syndrome, Islander, 3 Years Hollow, Silenmara

It’s one thing to be prolific. It’s another thing to not only kick maximum ass with every album, but constantly challenge yourself and your audience in the process. In a modern rock landscape littered with lowest common denominator garbage, South Florida’s own Nonpoint has risen above the pack with grace and thunder time and time again. Nonpoint is an alternative metal/rap-metal foursome dropping ferocious leads at will to offset hammering rhythms and complement frontman Elias Soriano’s distinctive narrative voice. Nonpoint has released seven full-length albums and one live album selling over 800,000 albums in North America.  In late 2013, Nonpoint closed out a year of touring behind 2012’s self-titled record, which yielded the Active Rock radio hit “Left For You.” They will release their new studio album, The Return on September 30th.  The album was produced by Grammy nominated producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind, Megadeth) and Daniel Salcidoto.  Their eighth full-length album The Return remains as raw, ripping, and real as Nonpoint itself.  Soriano explains, “Last record we stepped in a direction we’ve wanted to for years and our fans revered us for it.  This record we have gotten up to speed and dropped the pedal to the floor.  I think our fans will embrace this record in a way no other Nonpoint record has been viewed or loved.  We left no room for question of what we are trying to accomplish with our music or who we are. We haven’t gone back to old school.  We didn’t reflect on our past.  We didn’t discuss what works. The Return is Nonpoint right the fuck now.”