Carnival Rocks the Runway

oin us as we celebrate CARIBBEAN FASHION
June 23rd – June 26th, 2016 – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Carnival Rocks the Runway brings Carnival designs to life. Featuring top Caribbean Carnival designers and the popular masquerade bands from South Florida, CRTR is just one of those experiences that you do not want to miss.
Showcasing the top bands and their 2016 portrayal for Miami Broward Carnival 2016
Performing Live: 5Star Akil
Music by: DJ Puffy, Dr Esan, LLCoolBlaze & friends
Showcasing Bands:
Euphoria Mas
Party Room Squad
D Junction
Generation X
Jamborii Mas
One Island Mas
Carnival Republic
Revel Nation Mas
Freeks NY Mas
By: Aifos Agency d.b.a. Aifos Events