The Naked & Famous

Everyone knows that the very best music can meddle with your mind, plunging you into the opposite extremes of both happiness and sadness all at once, in intense three minute bursts. It can transport you temporarily to a realm where anything is possible and nothing is out of reach. The latest key holders to that illusive turf are New Zealand’s The Naked And Famous (TNAF). This indie electronic ensemble makes driving, melodic pop with an ’80s post-punk influence that are centered around the talents of vocalist Alisa Xayalith and instrumentalist/vocalist Thom Powers. These young Aucklanders have at their disposal a seemingly effortless ability to capture the giddy fun and relentless hooks one has come to expect from the very best electro-pop, while at the same time striving for something grander, more brooding and atmospheric. But anyone who’s witnessed TNAF emerge from what they like to call their natural studio habitat to step onstage – where their songs become a truly enveloping experience – will testify to the sheer epic proportions.