The Pretty Reckless with Heaven’s Basement

It’s not surprising that Taylor Momsen channels a lot of energy on her rock-and-roll-heroine-in-the-making debut album with her band The Pretty Reckless. The songs, all written by Momsen and Ben Phillips with their producer Kato Khandwala, run the gamut of emotions, alternating at times between seething rage and a bruised vulnerability. With Momsen’s inky vocals, pummeling riffs, and swaggering attitude, it sounds a bit like what might have happened had Led Zeppelin been fronted by “a chick.” The album’s ferocity could raise an eyebrow from those expecting a pretty, blonde teenager to gravitate toward straight-up pop songwriting. “It’s heavier than people might expect from me,” says Momsen, who is best known as the actress who plays Jenny Humphrey on The CW’s Gossip Girl. “But this album is the most honest expression of who I truly am.” It is an unflinchingly honest chronicle of Momsen’s experiences, filtered through her unique point of view. “The record is about life,” she says. “It covers everything: love, death, and music itself. It’s rock and roll. It’s sex. It’s drugs. It’s religion. It’s politics.”

ZZ WARD with Wild Feathers and James Bay

By all accounts, 2012 was a banner year for up-and-coming blues-hop/soul singer ZZ Ward. Releasing the mixtape Eleven Roses in January, the Criminal EP in May and her full-length debut Til the Casket Drops in October, the reaction to ZZ’s unique blend of swampy blues and hip hop beats was palpable from both critics and fans alike. ZZ has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan, Last Call with Carson Daly and Jimmy Kimmel Live. She’s also had her music featured on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, MTV’s Awkward and in promos for ABC’s hit series Nashville. On the touring front, ZZ and completed a 50-date headlining American tour with sold-out dates in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Denver and Nashville. Ward is still in awe of the buzz that has continued to build around her and her music this past year.


Bunji Garlin SOCA Paradise

Born in Sangre Grande and raised in the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima, Trinidad, Ian Anthony Alvarez better known as Bunji Garlin, is a Trinidadian artist and international  royalty. He is affectionately known as “de girls dem darlin” (although now married to Faye-Ann Lyons, a fellow performer) and also “fireman” for his famous chant of “Fire!” during his performances. Garlin says he got his stage name from the bungee cord, which is flexible and Garlin is a type of gun with powerful shots. In his own words: “…no matter what they send at me, I will always bounce back.”

Both a composer and performer of soca and ragga soca, Garlin is a prolific lyricist who calls himself the Lyrics King, a title very few would dispute. Ragga is a blend of soca with music, a genre he adopted and made his own during his first years on the music scene. He also sings songs that blend soca with other genres such as , R&B and .

As the leader of his band the Godfather’s Asylum, Garlin mentors and provides a nurturing environment for soca artists who are talented but have not found a way to break into the business.

Garlin was educated at Arima Senior Comprehensive School, where he demonstrated his unique chanting skills whenever he had the opportunity. His debut in the music industry in 1998 came after Garlin made a name for himself performing at small venues and local events. He is the undisputed king of  soca, having won the “Ragga Soca Monarch” competition in both 2000 and 2001, the two years in which the competition was staged. Garlin won the Young King title in 2001, and captured the coveted title of International Soca Monarch in 2002, then reclaimed this title for three more years.

Bunji Garlin performs both in his home country and abroad, where he spends the major part of the year after Carnival season ends in Trinidad. His performance reviews are usually glowing, as crowds always respond well to his high-energy performances, as well as his lyrical confidence and eloquence evidenced in his amazing ability to perform freestyle lyrics with an ease which most performers could only aspire to.

2nd Annual United Way of Broward County’s “Rock United”

To focus and unite our entire community to create significant lasting change in the community impact areas of Education, Income and Health – the building blocks for a better life – which positively impacts people’s lives.

United Way of Broward County will be the catalyst for change and convener of partnerships that unite hearts, minds and resources within our community.

Our Values are the foundation of our culture; guiding all we do with each other and the community we serve; fostering togetherness, collaboration and responsiveness.

Candid and consistent in our words and actions.

Honor and embrace the diversity of our backgrounds, talents and ideas.

Care about each other, sharing a commitment to improve our community.

Instill hope and the ability to change lives.

Authentic and innovative in developing ideas and solutions.

Accountable to each other and conduct our work with transparency.

Yo Gotti with YG and Ca$h Out

Yo Gotti is a rap artist born on May 19th 1982 as Mario Mims, in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up in Memphis, Yo Gotti quickly learned about recognizing reality. When he was in the third grade, Federal Agents raided his family’s residence. His mother and his aunts were indicted and sent to serve 10 to 15 years because they refused to snitch. No wonder he feels as though he was virtually born into street life. “That’s the bloodline I come from,” he boasts. “I’ve got women that are realer than the dudes out here.”

Brass Knuckles

“We don’t look at ourselves like a DJ group,” declares Danny D’Brito of Brass Knuckles. “We look at this as a band.”

Truthfully, the Miami trio—D’Brito, Tony Livadas, and Anthony Pisano—is unlike any other outfit in electronic dance music right now. Fusing together elements of traditional house, electro, pop, nu disco, and even a little rock, they come out of the gate swinging with irresistible vocal hooks, staggering drops, and live instrumentation. Once Brass Knuckles hits, you’ll feel it.

After years of playing in bands together and collaborating on a myriad of musical projects, D’Brito and Livadas hooked up with Pisano in 2009. Instantly bonding, the three musicians decided to start laying down original material in addition to doing a bevy of remixes including Michael Jackson’s celebrated “Get On The Floor”. They turned heads across the blog-o-sphere and in clubs worldwide when they dropped “Lie to You” in 2011 though. Highly successful global touring followed with a full jaunt through Asia and Europe including a Croatia gig in front of 10,000 people supporting genre legend Fatboy Slim. However, their debut EP for Ultra Music immensely ups the ante across the board.

First single, “Bad Habits”, careens from propulsive handclaps and bombastic guitar into an instantly unforgettable refrain from singer John Ryan about something we all share in common.

“Absolutely everybody out there has bad habits,” smiles Pisano. “That’s why people can relate to the track almost immediately. It catches their ear, and that’s what we hope every song does.”

Further separating themselves from the pack, live piano drives the soulful and sexy “Alive”, while a tribal stomp fuels the torrential energy of “Hurricane”. Pisano goes on, “We did a show in Missouri in front 5,000 people. The next day, Danny and I were on the plane and we wanted to come up with a concept that would work for a large audience. We got the idea for ‘Hurricane’ on the plane.

Livadas explains, “We’re three different people, and we bring more of a party and a bigger energy than just one DJ might. We like to incorporate as many of our influences as possible. There aren’t any boundaries to what we do. A good song is a good song.”
In some ways, their impact remains encapsulated in their very moniker. One day, Pisano was wearing a shirt with Brass Knuckles on it, and the image just clicked for D’Brito. “I’m thrilled Anthony wore that shirt on that particular day,” he laughs. “The name represents us so well. The music is often tough and in-your-face. It makes an impression.”
That impression will stick with listeners for a long time to come to, whether they hear the band live or on tape. D’Brito concludes, “We want people to relate to our music, understand it, love it, and be able to party to it. We want them to feel good. Hopefully, they can escape from reality and get lost in it.”

Pepper with Grieves, RDGLDGRN

Kaleo Wassman – Vocals/Guitar
Bret Bollinger – Vocals/Bass
Yesod Williams – Drums

“It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done as a band to make this record,” says guitarist/vocalist Kaleo Wassman of Pepper, in speaking on the recording process of their new self-titled album. “It speaks loudly and widely to a broader audience while maintaining everything good about the band, which, first of all, is our positive attitude.” After releasing five albums, Pepper has opened a new chapter in their storied career. Drummer Yesod Williams adds, “This record feels very cohesive in a way our past releases maybe didn’t. I think it’s an album that can appeal to everyone, as well. We’ve been pigeonholed in the past so this is an opportunity to transcend all that and spread our wings even wider.”

The trio, who formed in 1997 and moved to the mainland from their hometown of Kailua Kona, Hawaii in 1999, pressed pause after the release of their fifth album, Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations, in 2008. There was a sense of fatigue and disunity amongst the three musicians, who took some time off from music both apart and together before rejoining to create an EP, Stiches, in late 2010. The songs on that release re-energized the group, revealing an urgent desire to make a new album that reflected where they are in their lives and career now. After some tour dates in support of the EP, Pepper sat down and focused on their sixth album, a self-titled released that swings open the door on this new chapter.

The musicians went into the studio with Matt Wallace, a producer known for his work with Maroon 5, O.A.R. and Faith No More, in early 2012. Matt helped focus the group’s vision and expand their musical knowledge base, an experience the band members compare to being in their own version of college. The album was recorded in various studios over the course of a year, honing in on Pepper’s re-defined self-identity and how that focus was reflected in the songs.

“We learned so much,” Yesod says. “Matt help us really focus on the art of songwriting. He sat in the room with the three of us with a fine-tooth comb and went over every word, every melody, every sound. He showed us that it’s important what you do play as well as what you don’t play, creating both spaces in the songs. We learned how powerful simplicity can be. Plus, we had such a good time recording this album and I think that shows.”

The resulting album, self-titled to accentuate where the band feels they are presently, broadens Pepper’s style, veering into new sonic territory while still retaining all the fun elements that make the band so beloved by their fans. The ever-present sense of life surges through the tracks, bolstering the sense of optimism throughout. The party anthems, the beach hang melodies, and the boisterous rhythms are all there, each song carefully crafted to best express these sunny moments by the ocean.

“This album is basically 12 snapshots of where we are,” vocalist/bassist Bret Bollinger says. “There are songs that will remind you of your favorite Pepper songs, but by the end you’ll hear some unexpected things. You’ll realize that the songwriting is so much more refined. And there’s laughter in the background of the songs. That’s how good the vibe is on the record.”

Pepper has toured extensively with groups like 311, Slightly Stoopid, Flogging Molly and Sublime With Rome, and spent several summers on Warped Tour – and this live sensibility shows. You can almost feel the sand in your toes and the sun on your back as the album progresses, the musician’s amiable personalities palpable beneath the island rhythms and mellow tones. The band’s music – both live and on their releases – is really about enjoying life and being grateful for each experience, a sensibility that’s very familiar to the three musicians currently in their career. From their 1999 debut Give’n It to their 2006 standout album No Shame, which was recorded with 311’s Nick Hexum, No Doubt’s Tony Kanal and Butthole Surfers’ Paul Leary, Pepper has embodied not only a style of music but a lifestyle, one that’s most easily found on beaches across the world, but also one that’s relatable to anyone anywhere.

Released via their own label LAW Records, their universal appeal has led their music being placed in various movies and TV shows, including Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Good Luck Chuck, as well as several video game soundtracks. The band’s story to date has been a prolific one. But as Pepper turns the page into a fresh chapter with this new album, it’s clear that the band’s passion for music and life will continue on for years to come.

“We’re so blessed to be in this position,” Kaleo says. “We want to do the best we can with it. We had humble beginnings in our small town in Hawaii and we’re still that same humble band. We don’t take any of this lightly. Every day I wake up and think about how I have the best job in the world. The level of gratitude and happiness I have that we’re able to do this is incredible and I hope people can hear that when they listen to our new songs.”

CHRONIXX & Zinc Fence Redmeption

Performing for the first time in Ft.Lauderdale/Miami!

Also Performing: Kelissa

Hosted by:

Jabba White

Mikey Mike | Empress Yvette

Music By:

Massive B | Waggy T

Supa Sound | Fergie and Springer

Tickets Available At:

Coral Springs

Reggae N Things 954-255-3280

Ft. Lauderdale

Aunt I’s 954-321-0190

Rainbow Variety 954-733-6580

Pembroke Pines

Aunt I’s 954-433-0223


Sam’s Grocery 954-436-1384

North Miami

Jamaica House 305-651-0083

Cliff Restaurant 305-754-2679

Rancid w/ tim timebomb and friends, The Interrupters

Rancid w/ tim timebomb and friends, The Interrupters

One of the cornerstone bands of the ’90s punk revival, Rancid’s unabashedly classicist sound drew heavily from the Clash’s early records, echoing their left-leaning politics and fascination with ska, while adding a bit of post-hardcore crunch. While some critics dismissed Rancid as derivative, others praised their political commitment, surging energy, and undeniable way with a hook. And, regardless of critical debate over their significance, the band’s strengths made them perhaps the most popular neo-punk band after Green Day and the Offspring. Their third album, 1995′s …And Out Come the Wolves, made them a platinum-selling sensation and an inescapable presence on MTV and modern rock radio. While they never translated that success into an enormous blockbuster record (like the aforementioned bands who hit the mainstream first), that wasn’t necessarily their ambition, choosing to stay with the independent punk label Epitaph and the creative freedom it allowed them. That decision helped them retain a large, devoted core audience as revivalist punk-pop began to slip off the mainstream’s musical radar.

We The Kings w/ Breathe Carolina

We The Kings w/ Breathe Carolina, T. Mills, The Ready Set, Dave Days, Like The Movies

We The Kings is an alternative power pop band that is from Bradenton, Florida and was formed in 2007. The band’s four members are Travis Clark (lead vocals), Hunter Thomsen (lead guitar), Drew Thomsen (bass guitar), and Danny Duncan (drums). We The Kings have come a long way since 2007. With two full legnth albums and many tours under their belts, they have proved themselves in an unapologetic industry. But where did it all start?

It all began when the guys met in junior high. Even though they became friends, they were in seperate bands. Travis was in a band called Broken Image. He hand picked the guys because they were the pick of the litter. In other words he “Cherry Picked” the other guys. At the same time, the newly formed band faced issues with it’s name. There were several other bands in the area called Broken Image. So they changed their name to DeSoto. Shortly after, they changed their name again, due to a lawsuit. DeSoto then became known as the We The Kings that we know today. The band’s new name was inspired by their middle school, King Middle School.

By 2007 they were signed to S-Curve Records. On October 2, 2007 We The Kings released their self titled album. On December 8, 2009 their second studio album Smile Kid was released. As of November 14, 2010 WTK have been in NY recording their third album We The Kings have an incredible resume. They have toured with bands like, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, VersaEmerge, The Cab, The Academy Is, and many other bands. WTK also embarked on the summer fest called “Warped Tour”, in 2008, 2009, 2010.